Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 15

Or at least I think it is. Looks like I haven't posted since Sat. The weekend was fairly uneventful, I got to eat vegetables and fruit over the weekend. Now I am able to eat a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables. So I opted for cabbage, broccoli and watermelon. Ken went bought me some fresh stuff and I made a little salad with the broccoli and cabbage and I chopped up some green onion (that's a free one) and but some garlic & herb seasoning on it. It was pretty good. I wish I could steam the vegetables though, it would taste so much better. I didn't cheat at all over the weekend. Shockingly enough my pants are actually starting to not dig holes in my stomach so that's nice. lol

Monday and today are milk days. Mon I was really hungry I kept forgetting to rub my balls, it gets hard because at work I loose track of time. They have a little timer thing I may get that next time. My coworker brought in these delicious looking brownies yesterday I wanted one so bad. I kept having to talk myself out of it. I swear there is a devil Sonya on one shoulder and an angel Sonya on the other sometimes. I made dinner pork chops and potatoes. I don't care for pork but man I miss potatoes. I <3 potatoes so much! Today hasn't been bad. Brownies are all gone so I don't have to think about those anymore...wheww and I've been better about the ball rubbing. Not sure what I'll make for dinner tonight...maybe Italian sausage. Oh that reminds me...last night Ken sat on the floor with his dinner, I looked at him weird and said "what are you doing on the floor?" he said he didn't want to make it any harder for me and he felt bad sitting next to me with food in my face. Isn't he great?

I'm taking the vitamin supplements now. Good Heavens there are so many I hate taking all this medication but supposedly it will give me anything I'm missing and all kinds of energy. Not sure when that'll kick in... cause I could take a freaking nap right now. The Soy  milk is actually starting to grow on me. Whodathunk?


  1. Awesome Sonya! You are doing SO GREAT!!!!!
    I'm so proud of you for how well you are doing with this stuff and I'm happy that Ken thinks about you. <3

  2. Brownies are hard to pass up...they even make me want to suffer the consequences. You are doing great! Glad you are starting to like the soy milk!