Monday, February 7, 2011

Day whatever

Ok so I've been MIA for a while. At the end of last week I started feeling crappier and crappier. My arms felt like they weighed 100 lbs each and every part of me hurt. I was lightheaded and dizzy. Thursday night Ken woke me up at 11:30pm and was like "are you ok?" besides being annoyed that he woke me up I had no idea what he was talking about. He said "your legs are shaking so bad" and they were. My whole body was shaking. We got up and I had a slice of cheese and a handful of cashews and started to feel a little better. The next morning I was really shaky and weak. So instead of just the milk for the day I decided to eat vegetables and a little bit of meat for some protein. Of course I ended up in the potty so that sucked but I felt better otherwise. Friday night Ken called the Sahdkins place and told them what was happening and the girl just kept telling him that I needed to drink more tea with honey. Well neither he or I was satisfied with that answer and decided that with my insulin issues this just wasn't good for me. So I took off my balls and decided to forge on...on my own. So now I will be attempting to do this on my own, slow and steady and balanced according to my Drs plan. I still feel pretty good right now because I've been eating smaller portions of healthy food but not taking in the crap and messing up the detox I did. I stepped on the scale this morning and it was 253 so I gained a little back but I guess that's understandable since I started eating actual food again. So I'm down 10 from when I started still not bad. I'm going to keep journaling and weigh every Monday morning to track my progress. So I won't be skinny for my wedding but at least I'll feel better!


  1. Oh thank GAWD you are eating! I like how you sound. You got enough behind you to keep going on your own now. HUGS Sonya and good luck! I am still so excited for how you do! Love you!

  2. You can do what's right for your body without starving it. You ARE beautiful, and now you can be healthy, too. I'm proud of you for trying, and look forward to all your positive updates!