Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 1

Tuesday, January 18th

So I woke up and first thing I did as required was "rub my balls" lol it's become the joke around here the last few days.  I got up got ready, got the girls ready, made myself a cup of tea w/honey and packed my cabbage & apple lunch. I drank 2 more cups of tea by noon and then I had lunch apple and then I salt & peppered the cabbage - not too bad actually I would have thought raw cabbage would be blahhhh but it's better than lettuce and has more substance to it. I continued to rub my balls every two hours and then when I left work and got home I ate more cabbage & apples while making the rest of the fam dinner. In all honesty I didn't feel hungry all day but man that dinner smelled sooooo good. I ended up having the headache from HELL and had to take an Excedrin Migraine and went to bed. Luckily that most wonderful man of mine rubbed my neck and head until I fell asleep. I'm so blessed :)

I did everything exact on day cheating!

P.S. They said that every time you cheat "putting anything other than approved stuff in your mouth" sets you back one full day of progress. SO not worth it!

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