Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Decision

Ok, I'm a few days behind so I'll start from the begining. 

Monday, January 17th: I made the decision to do something drastic about my weight. My back has been really hurting me (I had back surgery in Dec '09) I feel like crap physically & emotionally all the time. And I REALLY didn't want to be a fat bride when I marry the most wonderful man in the world. Ken has been telling me for months about this diet thing he hears on the Christian radio station he listens to. So I decided to research it and I read up on it and read all the reviews. It's pretty drastic but if it works the results will be amazing and well worth it. Sadkhin Complex  In all honesty the website is totally cheesy and not informative at all. So I goggled it and read personal reviews about it to find out what it entails. I called and made an appointment for that night and Ken and I went and learned about it and I decided to sign up.

Here's the gist of it:

There are these 2 stainless steel balls that are adhered on pressure points behind the ears. Every two hours you press on them and do 40 rotations. This is supposed to relieve hunger pains and help detox two of your organs. 

The first 10 days you are on a strict detox. So for 2 days you eat twice a day consisting of only raw cabbage, carrots & green apples. You drink 6 to 9 cups of tea with honey (2-3 tsp per cup) per day. Then the next two days you only drink the tea and then 2.5 cups of WHOLE milk. Which frankly  makes me want to GAG! But they gave me a recipe where I can use vanilla extract and cinnamon to make it taste better - supposedly! No food on these days. So you alternate two days fruit & vegetable and two days milk. Sounds difficult, huh?

After the first 10 days you go in and they reposition the steel balls to a different pressure point, give you more of a fruit & vegetable selection and you begin vitamins. Also at this time you are supposed to begin walking daily 30 to 40 min. Oh and you can only eat twice a day between 12 and 6.

This process repeats until you reach your goal weight. Then you begin a maintenance program when they start introducing other foods like fish and such.

They say if followed exactly you can loose up to 10% of your body weight in the first 10 days. I weighed in at 263lbs so that could be 27lbs in 10 days. Wouldnt that be something?

Wish me luck!

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