Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 4

Well Day 4 was a helluva lot better than Day 3! The soy milk, while not awesome, was not bad. I put some honey and cinnamon in it and it was a lot easier to drink. Those stupid brownies at work will still were hollering at me but I held strong. 

No cheating and I bought a scale today and I've lost 4 lbs. So that makes me feel optimistic. 

Oh funny story: last night I'm laying in bed and Ken is laying there snoring and all I can think about are the 2 Twinkies in the pantry. I don't even LOVE Twinkies but I'm thinking...hmmm everyone is asleep I could go eat a Twinkie and no one would know. Then I think NO don't. Hmm I'm kinda thirsty. NO don't get out of bed. I was having a argument with my self over a damn Twinkie. NO! NO! NO! I finally fell asleep. Whew....this is hard. 

Tomorrow Ken works in the morning and I'll be home alone...I'll probably be having some more of those arguments in my head. LOL

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