Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 2 cont.

Well I made it through the day but it was hard. I got a horrible headache again. There were sandwiches and chips and brownies at work today. I was so tempted because I was VERY hungry. But I didn't eat anything, just kept drinking my tea. I wasn't very good about the balls today, I was so busy I kept looking track of time. After work I stopped and at Kroger and bought some soy milk and some rice milk since I can use that as a substitute for whole milk. I tried them both, the soy tastes better but they are both drinkable. I checked the date on the whole milk and it's 1/24/11 but there was a big curd of crap stuck to the side so I'm guessing it's no good. Not sure I can try again, I may just stick with the soy. 

I still have a headache but I took some Excedrin and it's starting to get better. Iron Man is on tv so I'll just concentrate on Robert Downey Jr for a while ;)

Side note: walking through a grocery store I never realized how much food is there! Holy Moly!

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