Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 11

So yesterday was day 11. The first 10 days were complete. When I got up in the morning I stepped on my scale and according to that I had lost 10 lbs. Went through the day just fine. After work I had my appt at the Sahtkins place. When I got there I stepped on the scare it it reflected only 9 lb loss. So ok, I know that 9 or 10lb loss in 10 days is amazing but I'm still disappointed because this thing promises a 5% - 10% of your body weight lost in the first 10 days. Well I didn't get to either and other than the ho ho I did everything exactly as they said. 

So after I get off the scale the lady replaces my balls with new ones that are lower behind my ear lobe. The last ones were to detox my stomach and liver. These ones detox the small and large intestine. As she's doing it she says "so what did you eat that you weren't supposed to?" so I told her about the ho ho incident. She says "eww a ho ho, of all the things you ate some processed sugary junk, so what else did you eat?" "nothing everything else I did exact" "oh ok, well 9lbs is great!" she clearly didn't believe me, which made me a cross between upset and angry. So she tells me about the next 10 days. The balls now have to be rubbed every hour and a half and then at 4 and 7. She went over the additional fruits and vegetables I can have and that I need to walk every day now. Ok, so I'm walking out and she's in front of me and we get to the lobby where there are about 8 or so people at and she yells "SONYA LOST 9LBS IN 10 DAYS WOOOHOO!!!" everyone turns and stares at me, a few clap. Now I know in hindsight that she was probably trying to make me feel good and motivate the people in the lobby but anyone who knows me knows that made me instantly ANGRY. I absolutely loathe that sort of attention and people starring at me. I wanted to trip the skinny bitch!

So as I'm driving I'm trying to concentrate on the fact that I just lost 9 or so lbs in a short time but all I could think about was I've been busting my ass, eating nothing basically and that's all! Now I know that I feel better and I sleep better and my stomach doesn't hurt all the time but still. So I'm pleased and disappointed all at the same time. Weird I know.

I get home and Ken is all excited waiting to talk about how fabulous I am and I'm not really feeling it. Anyways he picked up a pizza for him and the girls. I'm starving so I ask Ken to give me a bite and he says no it won't do me any good. WRONG! Now I want it. I don't like being told no. He leaves later to get a coffee and I'm cleaning up the kitchen and put something in the frig away and I see the pizza box and grab a slice and eat it. I wasn't sneaking it, I knew he would know there was one gone and ask me. I don't really freaking care at this point. It was so damn good. Not cheap greasy pizza. Later were watching a movie and he goes and gets the pizza and says "did you eat a slice?" YEP! He said nothing. That was smart.

This morning around 5am I woke up with horrible stomach cramps and had to go potty. It was ugly and I shouldn't have eaten the pizza but whatever it is what it is. I'll start over and hope for the best.

I also got the supplements yesterday, I have to take a ton of them which I'm not very happy about but they say I'll have lots more energy. Yesterday's cost $125. $75 for the 2 minute office visit and $50 for the supplements. Ouch. Glad Ken is paying and not me.


  1. 9 lbs is a lot even if it wasn't 5%-10%. Hang in there you CAN do this!

  2. 9lbs is still a great thing. You are 9lbs healthier. :-) That lady is a twit!

  3. I, for one, am proud of you. I completely understand the mixed feelings you're's totally normal.
    AND, I understand having one ho-ho and one stinking slice of pizza. Any of us who have done drastic things to lose weight know that if you allow yourself to give in to your initial temptation, it's far better than denying yourself until you snap.
    Nine pounds IS fantastic, and I hope you can start today off just feeling proud of yourself.
    As for announcing weight loss in front of strangers...I'd have been horrified to have someone do that to me, too.

    Congratulations, Sonya, on doing what you have to do to be a healthier, even MORE beautiful you. Don't forget that you ARE a beautiful, strong woman.

  4. Gawd Sonya I would have felt the same way as you about the lady. Idiot!
    As for how you felt about the weight...I would have felt the same as you too. shrug. It would have been frustrating with their promise. Probably they are a scam. Sorry...don't mean to be so blunt. But they advertise something and I expect that to be...especially when I followed it as closely as YOU did. So if you don't do better this next time think hard about continuing to pay for it.
    If nothing else you are learning what it feels like healthier. And you know better how you can get to that feeling.
    HUGS you!

  5. Oh man that is a horrible comment! I'm so sorry!!!!

  6. Sonya - I'm SO proud of you! 9 pounds is WONDERFUL! Don't let that skinny twit bother you but when you go in the next time - tell her straight up that she is NOT to announce anything to a room full of strangers - that if you want to give a testimonial then you will charge HER for it! Love you girl and keep up the great work - I know how hard it is!

  7. Sonya - the above post is mine - I forgot to sign it... Judy

  8. You are doig so great!!Be proud of yourself, 9 lbs is a lot for 10 days!!!! And u haven't even added exercise yet!!!That will help even more!
    And 2 slips in ur first 10 days are not bad, at least u were able to stop yourself!Keep it up girlie, ur doing awesome!!1